About Us

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About Our Academy

New Mission and Vision


Our Mission:
STEP Academy Trust is committed to improving the life chances of all children.  Where we have the capacity to make a difference we are morally bound to do so.


Our Values: – (PUPAC)
Passion — Working in education, we have the ability to profoundly change children’s lives; the stakes are incredibly high. Our aim should always be to provide for the pupils of our Academies what we would want for our own children.
Urgency — The amount of time children spend in education is finite. We have a responsibility to ensure that every moment a child is in a STEP Academy must be spent productively. Once wasted, it is gone forever and cannot be given back.
Positivity — Staff have a responsibility to be positive and supportive of each other. Negativity leads to low expectations and a culture where excuses are tolerated.
Aspiration — Embodied in the Trust motto, “Striving Together for Excellence in Partnership”, all members of staff aim for excellence in their individual professional roles.
Commitment — Staff are prepared to go the extra mile to provide the best possible education for their pupils. The interests of children are always placed ahead of those of staff

Our Vision

“Passionate learners, excelling together”

At Wolsey Junior Academy we provide a challenging, dynamic and inspirational environment through which every child  is given the opportunity to  excel in their talents and abilities, develop pride in their achievement and feel happy, confident and secure.