Catering provision at Wolsey will not switch to halal

Last week we were approached by a Wolsey parent enquiring if we were able to offer a halal option for school lunches. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the additional resourcing and risk of cross contamination and therefore we asked the school community how they felt about adopting a whole school approach. 

 We appreciate that this was a controversial topic and subsequently attracted a significant amount of attention; however we feel that it is right to consult with parents/carers on matters such as these, rather than making assumptions regarding their views or a decision without their first hearing their voice.

Based on the feedback, it is clear that this change would not be welcomed and the overwhelming opinion was for the school not to move to a halal option. We have taken this into consideration and therefore made the decision not to make any changes.

 Many thanks to all the parents who responded to the questionnaire or discussed this matter with the school.