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Sports & Fitness

At Wolsey Academy we are committed to providing high quality PE and sport to all children. We also recognise the significant impact PE and sport can have on a child’s health, self-esteem and consequently on their passion to learn.

Total Funding for the year £9000 2014/15

  • The increase in participation rates in such activities as games, dance, gymnastics and athletics

The majority of children at Wolsey Academy love sport and physical activity. Below are figures for participation rates in after school clubs across the year:

Since the start of the year 624 children have attended extra-curricular sports clubs. 313 (50%) of these children are eligible for pupil premium. This figure will be monitored and through targeted extra-curricular provision the percentage will be increased.

Every morning there is an average of 35 children that attend a sport session as part of the breakfast club.

  • The increase and success in competitive sports

This year Wolsey Academy has competed against other schools in cross country, sports hall athletics, football, basketball, netball and hockey. The football team have been very successful; they played 12 games, winning 8, drawing 2 and losing 2. Two children represented the school in the Surrey cross country championships.

  • How much more inclusive the physical education curriculum has become

The PE curriculum caters for all children. All children, regardless of any disability they may have, take a full part in the sessions and enjoy PE. Children who are unable to take part physically for a session, are given other roles such as scorekeeper, timekeeper, or answer a range of questions on an observation sheet. Additionally, as can be seen by the number of children that attend after school clubs, the provision for all children at the school is relevant to their interests.

  • The growth in the range of traditional and alternative sporting activities

During the PE curriculum, the children have completed units in football, basketball, hockey, gymnastics, dance, health and fitness and tag rugby. Furthermore, after school clubs have been offered in football, netball, hockey, athletics, cross country, basketball, and gymnastics.

  • The improvement in partnership work on physical education with other schools and other local partners

At Wolsey Academy we have endeavoured to provide competitive fixtures with other schools every week of the school year. Partnership with other schools is high on our agenda. For example, we have had netball competitions against Applegarth Academy and Gonville Academy, a basketball competition against Applegarth Academy and Fairchildes Primary, and a hockey fixture against Applegarth Academy.

The partnership with the other academies in the Trust is positive. Joint meetings with the PE coordinators at Applegarth, David Livingstone and Gonville have resulted in a strategic plan to improve the PE provision of all children within the Trust. This effective partnership is also resulting in an increase in the opportunities for children of different ability levels to participate in inter-school competition.

  • Links with other subjects that contribute to pupils’ overall achievement and their greater social, spiritual, moral and cultural skills

In every PE lesson we talk to the children about sportsmanship, playing to the rules, being fair, being a good team mate, aspiring to achieve all they can. The values of PUPAC are always reinforced.

  • The greater awareness amongst pupils about the dangers of obesity, smoking and other such activities that undermine pupils’ health.

Within the curriculum there are planned opportunities to the children about the importance of living healthy lives. This year we have also included into the curriculum a whole unit on health and fitness which has been designed to increase pupils’ awareness of such issues.